Notarial Acts

Acknowledgements: performed on documents controlling or conveying ownership of valuable assets such as real property deeds, powers of attorney and trusts. This process identifies and declares that the signature on the document is the signers and that it was willingly made and that the provisions in the document are intended to take effect exactly as written.

Jurats: performed on evidentiary documents that are critical to the operation of our civil and criminal justice system such as affidavits, depositions and interrogatories. The signer must appear in person at the time of notarization to sign the document and to speak aloud an oath or affirmation promising that the statements in the document are true.

Certified Copies: performed to confirm that a reproduction of an original document is true, exact and complete. This includes college degrees, passports and other important one-and-only personal papers which cannot be copy-certified by a public record office such as a bureau of vital statistics and which the holder must submit for some purpose but does not want to part with for fear of loss. This type of notarization is not an authorized notarial act in every state, and in the jurisdictions where it is authorized, may be executed only with certain kinds of original document.


CA: Birth certificates, certificates of death, marriage licenses or divorce decrees cannot be certified by a Notary Public in the State of California.




California notary publics are prohibited from performing any duties that may be construed as the practice of law. Among the acts which constitute the practice of law are the preparation, drafting, or selection of California Notarized Certificate(s), or of any kind of legal document(s), or giving advice in relation to any legal documents or matters. If asked to perform such tasks, a California notary public should decline and refer the requester to an attorney.

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